TOUR SECRETS 2: Beyond the Stage

Directed, Written & Produced by Winkk

TOUR SECRETS 2:  Beyond the Stage follows Raven off the stage and into her own company. Although she has retired from dancing, she is still attracted to the entertainment industry and is now running her own successful talent agency with a few friends.  Drama continues to follow them even in their new career and proves that it is still hard to survive in the entertainment business even beyond the stage.  


Directed, Written & Produced by Winkk

Misleading Stage Play will draw you into the world of the scandalous successful businessman, Jarvis Denttin. With money and women dominating his life, he is unaware of the scheme being orchestrated to bring him down.  Knowing all the wrong he’s done, Jarvis is ready for a fresh start, but karma gets to him first.  Oblivious of his acquaintance motives, puts him in a deadly situation.  Will his life crumble before he finds out that the people around him have been misleading him the entire time?


Directed, Written & Produced by Winkk

Tour Secrets Stage Play is wrapped with shocking secrets and drama. It will give you a backstage pass into the music industry through the eyes of dancers.  With sex, money and power ruling the music industry, dancers struggle to live their passion while keeping their secrets. Delve behind the scenes into the lives of dancers who bring ‘flavor’ to the stages around the world to create memorable shows for sold out concerts. Hear their stories, struggles and secrets.

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