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Misleading by Winkk



248 Pages



MISLEADING has scandalous twist and turns of sex, revenge, murder and deceit.  You will be drawn into the glittery, but gritty realm of Jarvis Denttin, a successful businessman who gets on a first-name basis with betrayal.  Women are attracted to his alluring demeanor, until they are invited into his life and introduce to his devious side.  Devastated by the shocking murder of his best friend, the womanizing Jarvis Denttin, starts distrusting the people around him, and they prove they are more conniving then he could imagine.  He finds himself fending off power moves from a circle of business associates, including a vengeful lover and a longtime, once-trusted protégé.  


Oblivious of his acquaintance motives, puts him in a deadly situation.  Misleading by Winkk is full of suspense and drama with characters you will love and hate. Readers will meet Jarvis Denttin who is gorgeous, but rotten to the core. He will take you on a rollercoaster of unexpected twists. You'll be left wondering about the intentions of the people around you.


Only on the Weekend by Winkk



281 Pages




The power of friendship, the daily struggles, the unconditional love and the shocking deceptions takes three friends through a world wind of unforeseen occurrences. 

Trying to maintain their stressful jobs at a top Talent Agency in Chicago; Dennis, Sean and Bradley experience life lessons on how stress can cause havoc in your life.   Sean is pressured to get married from his longtime girlfriend while he fights to get promoted at a company that doesn’t acknowledge his leadership.  Bradley has a solution on how to maintain his stressful job and lifestyle, but his advice test their friendship.  Dennis is carefree and lives life one day at a time as he becomes the reasoning voice for their brotherhood. 

Their friendship.  Their struggles.  Their Deception.  Their life.

Tour Secrets 2 by Winkk



298 Pages



Music and Raven has secured their position as dancers in the music industry.  They realize how low-down and dirty the business can be – with sex, money and power ruling the people around them.   They continue their dreams as they prepare to dance on tour with Que, a Platinum-selling recording artist.  Unaware of the grueling rehearsals and his erratic personality, they are uncertain if they can keep up. 


As much as they want to simply enjoy their new-found fame, the two are constantly chased by scandals and haunted by the past – a murder they both witnessed.   Now that they have received everything they dreamed of and more, they are not sure if they can handle their successful life.  They struggle to live their passion for dancing while keeping their secrets amidst the judgmental eyes of the music industry.


Tour Secrets by Winkk



242 Pages



Music and Raven are determined to make it in the music industry as dancers, and they immerse themselves into a world of sex, money and betrayal.   A secret is revealed that will challenge their friendship and dreams.  Faced with drama, lies, abuse and even murder, they manage to penetrate deeper into the industry as dancers on tour for Slyy, one of the industry’s most famous recording artist.   


One issue after another, they realize that trying to accomplish a dream that everyone wants is difficult to acquire and maintain. They soon find out that making it as dancers in the music industry is challenging, but surviving on the road and keeping secrets is almost impossible. Delve behind the scenes into the lives of dancers who bring ‘flavor’ to the stages around the world to create memorable shows for sold out concerts.


Retribution by Winkk



355 Pages

IBN:  978-09837759-73


The scandalous Jarvis Denttin has resurfaced and is serving revenge on a platter.  Jarvis was once successful and wealthy with exclusive nightclubs in several different cities until they were burned and destroyed in a suspicious fire.  After being locked in a dog cage and left to die by Antonio Flink, his once trusted friend and business partner, Jarvis recovered from the horrific experience and is ready to make anyone that was involved with his misfortunes pay severely. 


A ruthless womanizer, Jarvis continues to manipulate people with his charismatic personality.  His good looks and muscular physique entices women, but they are appalled by his conniving ways.  Determined to reinvent himself, Jarvis enters the real estate industry and goes into business with his friend Mathew Legonns.  Realizing that no one can be trusted and everyone has secrets and motives, makes Jarvis even more coldblooded and heartless.  With a new business and new life, Jarvis takes you on a suspenseful ride of relentless revenge. 


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