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Winkkatme Productions is an independent Chicago based company dedicated to creating and producing entertainment through film and theater. 


Winkk is a director, author, writer, playwright, award winning choreographer and the CEO/Founder of Winkkatme Productions. Winkk has over two decades of experience in the industry as a professional choreographer, writer, artist developer, ghostwriter, producer and director.  


Winkk has worked with Theater 47 as a choreographer and has choreographed musicals under the direction of John L. Ruffin such as Dreamgirls, Imitation of Life, Black Nativity, The Ike Turner Story starring Melinda “SandyRedd” Bussie and KC Lee, The Color Purple starring Jennifer Holliday, Ann Nesby, Tashika Benson, Todd Rasean and Angie Stone, and The Wiz starring Terrell Carter, Chris Bolton, Christian Keyes, Lenny Williams, Tony Grant and Robin Givens.


Winkk was awarded the Katherine Dunham award for “Best Choreography” for her work in the musical The Color Purple, and was also nominated for "Best Choreography" for her work in Dreamgirls from the Black Theater Alliance Awards.  Winkk directs, produces and writes shows with her company Winkkatme Productions.

Winkk is the author of the novels Tour Secrets, Tour Secrets 2, Misleading, Retribution, and Only on the Weekends. Once readers open Winkk's novels, they are not able to stop reading until they have navigated every unexpected twist, turn and tragedy into the lives of her fascinating characters. Winkk was nominated for the “Breakout Author of the Year” from the African American Literary Awards. Urban Reviews awarded her novel Tour Secrets 2 a 4.5 on a 5-point reviewing scale, dubbing it a “near classic.”  RWA Book Club gave the following praises for the Tour Secrets book series, "It's a quick read with plenty of drama to keep you at the edge of your seat turning pages."  APOOO Book Club offered the following accolades, “I was emotionally exhausted when I finished reading the Tour Secrets series because I could visualize the words coming to life.  The book kept my undivided attention from beginning to end. Misleading was an exciting and entertaining book to read with unsuspecting twists. The characters were well developed." ​

Winkk has written, directed and produced the hit stage plays Family Flaws, Tour Secrets 2, Tour Secrets and Misleading through her company Winkkatme Productions. Winkk's writing skills, creativity and theatrical drama continues to thrill audiences. Top notch acting, high-energy dancing an incredible plot twists, continuously leave audiences craving more.

Winkk believes in motivating, encouraging and supporting others and continues to live her dreams while juggling life as a wife, mother, mentor and entrepreneur.


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